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The laboratories are aimed at continuing and expanding on the traditional CLEF track philosophy. Two different forms of labs are offered: benchmarking activities proposing evaluation tasks and comparative performance analyses, and workshop-style labs that explore issues of information access evaluation and related fields.


Six benchmarking activities are proposed:

A benchmarking activity on uncovering Plagiarism, Authorship, and Social Software Misuse.




ImageCLEF Cross Language Image Retrieval Track

A benchmarking activity on the experimental evaluation of image retrieval, focusing on the combination of textual and visual retrieval, including multilingual retrieval and language-independent information access.




QA4MRE: Question Answering for Machine Reading Evaluation

A benchmarking activity on the evaluation of Machine Reading systems through Question Answering and Reading Comprehension Tests.



LogCLEF 2011

A benchmarking activity on Multilingual Log File Analysis: Language identification, query classification, success of a query.





A benchmarking activity on the Evaluation of music search engines that are based both on audio content and on multilingual textual descriptions.





A benchmarking activity on intellectual property.





CHiC 2011 Cultural Heritage in CLEF: From Use Cases to Evaluation in Practice for Multilingual Information Access to Cultural Heritage

The CHiC 2011 workshop aims at moving towards a systematic and large-scale evaluation of cultural heritage digital libraries and information access systems and helping to shape a possible roadmap for it.




The registration desk will be open throughout the conference, on the first floor of Casa 400. Additional opening hours are:
- Sunday 18 September, from 17.00 to 19.00
- Monday 19 September, from 08.00 onwards

Fee waivers

CLEF 2011 receives last-minute sponsorship for student registration fee waivers. Apply (with motivation + proof of stud. status) at clef2011[at]

Schedule Change

The notifications of acceptance of CLEF 2011 conference paper is postponed to Monday 13

CLEF 2011 Registrations

The CLEF 2011 registrations are now open.


General chairs

Maarten de Rijke
Julio Gonzalo

Program chairs

Jaana Kekäläinen
Mounia Lalmas

Lab chairs

Vivien Petras
Paul Clough

Organization chair

Emanuele Pianta

Resource and Publicity chair

Khalid Choukri

Technical management

Pamela Forner
Giovanni Moretti

Local organizers

Richard Berendsen
Bouke Huurnink
Edgar Meij
Wouter Weerkamp