CLEF 2011 General Information

The following four pages contain three maps of Amsterdam. The first map is an overview of Amsterdam with the locations of the conference venue (Casa 400) and the dinner location. The next page shows the surroundings of the conference venue with some pointers to restaurants and bars, and the last map shows a detailed route to get to Casa 400 from Amsterdam Amstel train station.

Amsterdam overview map

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Casa 400 area

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The area around Casa 400 offers a few nice bars and restaurants. Here we list a few including average price for 3-course menu and a short review (from

A. Canvas (
French; EUR 25,-
Very interesting spot: top floor of an old news paper building. Don't expect high-end food, but very decent meals for a good price. Very relaxed atmosphere. Also a bar and club.

B. Trouw (BAR)
Not a restaurant, but a nice bar/ club. Well-known for dance evenings and good music.

C. Hesp (BAR)
Mainly of interest because the boat to our conference dinner leaves from here. The bar itself might be worth a visit as well.


D. VandeMarkt (
Asian/ Mediterranean; EUR 40,-
Very good food and equally good service. The place is hard to find.

E. Dauphine (
French; EUR 35,-
Pretty good food, but not very cheap. Always very crowded, despite the large number of tables. Must be a good sign. Also a bar.

F. United Tastes of 1097 (
International; EUR 15,-
The restaurant's goal is to offer 3 courses for EUR 15. Most ingredients come from nearby, furniture is second-hand, recipes are suggested by locals, and employees are disadvantaged youth. Despite, or because of, all this, food is good.
G. De Kas
Mediterranean; EUR 50,-
Beautiful location and very good food. Quite expensive though, so maybe only worth visiting to celebrate the funding of a new project;)

H. Quatfass (
International; EUR 27.50
Very good food and an excellent price-to-quality ratio. The good service makes this a very nice, no-nonsense restaurant.

Route from Amsterdam Amstel to Casa 400

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The easiest way to get to the conference venue (and hotel) Casa 400 is to go by public transport to Amsterdam Amstel train station. It is reachable by train, metro (lines 51, 53, and 54), tram (line 12) and bus (lines 37, 40, 62, 65, 101, 136, 152, and 157) and it has a taxi stand.

Follow the "taxi" signs to exit the station and head towards the roundabout. Cross the street in the direction of the ABN-AMRO building. Walk a bit further and on your left you should see a tunnel, go through and on the other side go straight. Turn right in the Stephensonstraat and that's where Casa 400 is.

Route from Casa 400 to the boat

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It is about a 10-minute walk to get from Casa 400 to Cafe Hesp, from where the boat for the dinner leaves. Exit Casa 400 to your left, at the end of the street turn left again and follow the bike path. Cross the street with the traffic lights, go through the tunnel and immediately turn right after exiting the tunnel (still following the bike path). Then turn left, walk by the water to the end of the street, turn right (Weesperzijde) and from here Hesp is only a few meters away.


Public transport: To travel by public transport you need an "OV chipkaart." You can get these from the machines at metro and train stations. Whenever you enter or exit a transportation vehicle, make sure you hold the card in from of the checkpoints. For more information on public transportation:


Taxis: Taxis are not cheap in the Netherlands, so make sure you carry enough cash. A trip from Central Station to Casa 400 will probably be about EUR 20,-. You can find taxis at train stations and most tourist spots. If you need a taxi, it is best to order one. Ask your hotel or call the TCA (Taxi Centrale Amsterdam) at +31(0)20-7777777 (7x7).

Bikes: The most popular way of transportation in the Netherlands is the bike. Cycling is easy, mainly because of the (red) bike lanes that are everywhere. You can rent bikes at a lot of locations, amongst others at train stations (Amstel Station, Central Station) and Casa 400. Ask your hotel for other places to rent bikes.

Emergency: In case of an emergency, call 112 for fire department, police, or ambulance. You can reach Casa 400 at +31(0)20-6651171.

Poster presentation

Poster maximum size is A0, if displayed in vertical orientation. Poster board width and height are 97 cm and 144 cm, respectively. The poster session will be held on Monday, September the 19th from 16:30 until 18:00 at the main conference venue, just outside the conference rooms. Posters may be prepared and displayed the entire day, please make sure you are ready when the poster session starts. Push pins will be available on site. You are kindly requested to remove your poster at the end of the poster session. If you have any further questions, please contact the local organizers at clef2011[at]

Pointers to local copy shops, close to the conference venue:

Repro Rival - copy and print service
Address 1: Sarphatipark 103/5
Address 2: 1073CV Amsterdam
Phone: 020-6761717
Email: rivalrepro[at]

Mughal Digitale Print Store - copy and print service
Address 1:Van Woustraat 222
Address 2: 1073NB Amsterdam
Phone: 020-7779292
Email: m.mughal[at]

MultiCopy - copy and print service
Address 1: Joop Geesinkweg 306
Address 2: 1096AW Amsterdam
Phone: 020-4621999
Email: amstel[at]

MultiCopy - copy and print service
Address 1: Weesperstraat 65
Address 2: 1018VN Amsterdam
Phone: 020-5200720
Email: amsterdam-c[at]

Or search for more copy and print services:



The registration desk will be open throughout the conference, on the first floor of Casa 400. Additional opening hours are:
- Sunday 18 September, from 17.00 to 19.00
- Monday 19 September, from 08.00 onwards

Fee waivers

CLEF 2011 receives last-minute sponsorship for student registration fee waivers. Apply (with motivation + proof of stud. status) at clef2011[at]

Schedule Change

The notifications of acceptance of CLEF 2011 conference paper is postponed to Monday 13

CLEF 2011 Registrations

The CLEF 2011 registrations are now open.


General chairs

Maarten de Rijke
Julio Gonzalo

Program chairs

Jaana Kekäläinen
Mounia Lalmas

Lab chairs

Vivien Petras
Paul Clough

Organization chair

Emanuele Pianta

Resource and Publicity chair

Khalid Choukri

Technical management

Pamela Forner
Giovanni Moretti

Local organizers

Richard Berendsen
Bouke Huurnink
Edgar Meij
Wouter Weerkamp