Community Sessions

  • "Intelligent Information Management - FP7 ICT Workprogramme 2011 - 2012, Strategic Objective 4.4. - General information and conditions of Call 8".

    Mr Stefano Bertolo
    Project Officer
    European Commission
    Information Society and Media Diretorate General
    Unit "Technologies for Information Management"

  • CHORUS Session
    Information Retrieval from Scientific Multimedia Data

    Convergence of multidisciplinary research is more and more considered as the {next big thing} to answer profound challenges of humanity related to health, biodiversity or sustainable energy. The integration of life sciences and computer sciences has a major role to play towards managing and analyzing cross-disciplinary scientific data at a global scale. Whereas scientific data management is definitely considered as a major issue in the database community, it is integrated more slowly in the multimedia community. The goal of this session is therefore to promote information retrieval issues from scientific multimedia data and to encourage exchange between multimedia researchers and scientists from other research fields. We will therefore welcome 4 speakers specialized in inter-disciplinary research and who will cover different topics including earth observation, biodiversity informatics and biomedical informatics

  • Infrastructure Session
    The Promise evaluation infrastructure, where Visual Analytics meets Information Retrieval

    The increasing effort for the preparation and the execution of Information Retrieval experimental evaluation campaigns– a key means for supporting and fostering the development of multilingual and multimedia information systems - calls for new technologies and products able to make such activity more effective.
    The PROMISE NoE, founded under the seventh European Framework Programme, aims at supporting individuals, commercial entities, and communities, who design, develop, employ, and improve such complex systems, providing for increasing both the volume and the utilization of the managed data, and decreasing the rate of the effort for carrying out evaluations. The overall goal of PROMISE is to deliver a unified environment collecting data, knowledge, tools, methodologies, and the user community.
    The session will describe the overall PROMISE infrastructure architecture, pointing out the role that a Visual Analytics component will play in such a context in order to understand and make sense of the huge amount of measures and other experimental data that an automated environment will quickly host.
    The session foresees both oral presentations and live demos, demonstrating the basic ideas behind the PROMISE project: data management, data visualization and analysis, and interaction.

  • Other Evaluation Initiatives
    The speakers for the Other Evaluation Initiatives session are:

    TREC, Ellen Voorhees, NIST, USA
    NTCIR, Hideo Joho, NII, Japan
    INEX, Jaap Kamps, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    MediaEval, Gareth Jones, Dublin City University, Ireland



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- Monday 19 September, from 08.00 onwards

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