Accepted Papers

Methodologies and Lessons

  1. Building a Cross-Language Entity Linking Collection in Twenty-One Languages, James Mayfield, Dawn Lawrie, Paul McNamee, and Douglas Oard
  2. Search Snippet Evaluation at Yandex: Lessons Learned and Future Directions, Denis Savenkov, Pavel Braslavski, and Mikhail Lebedev
  3. Towards a Living Lab for Information Retrieval Research and Development. A Proposal for a Living Lab for Product Search Tasks, Leif Azzopardi and Krisztian Balog
  4. A Comparison of Evaluation Metrics for Document Filtering, Enrique Amigó, Julio Gonzalo, and Felisa Verdejo

Language and Processing

  1. Filter Keywords and Majority Class Strategies for Company Name Disambiguation in Twitter, Damiano Spina, Enrique Amigó, and Julio Gonzalo
  2. Automatic Annotation of Bibliographical References for Descriptive Language Materials, Harald Hammarström
  3. A Language-Independent Approach to Identify the Named Entities in under-resourced languages and Clustering Multilingual Documents, Kiran Kumar Nangunuri, Santosh GSK, and Vasudeva Varma
  4. Multilingual Question-Answering System in Biomedical Domain on the Web: an evaluation (Short Paper), Maria-Dolores Olvera-Lobo and Juncal Gutiérrez-Artacho
  5. Simulation of Within-Session Query Variations using a Text Segmentation Approach (Short Paper), Debasis Ganguly, Johannes Leveling, and Gareth Jones

Visual and Context

  1. Assessing the Scholarly Impact of ImageCLEF, Theodora Tsikrika, Alba García Seco de Herrera, and Henning Müller
  2. The Importance of Visual Context Clues in Multimedia Translation, Christopher Harris and Tao Xu
  3. To Re-Rank or To Re-Query: Can Visual Analytics Solve This Dilemma? Emanuele Di Buccio, Marco Dussin, Nicola Ferro, Ivano Masiero, Giuseppe Santucci, and Giuseppe Tino
  4. Evaluation Methods for Rankings of Facetvalues for Faceted Search (Short Paper), Anne Schuth and Maarten Marx
  5. Improving Query Expansion for Image Retrieval via Saliency and Picturability (Short Paper), Chee Wee Leong, Samer Hassan, Ruiz Miguel, and Rada Mihalcea



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