Since 2000 the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) has played a leading role in stimulating investigation and research in a wide range of key areas in the information retrieval domain, becoming well-known in the international IR community. It also promoted the study and implementation of appropriate evaluation methodologies for these diverse types of tasks and media. As a result a wide, strong, and multidisciplinary research community has been built, which covers and spans the different areas of expertise needed to deal with the spread of CLEF tracks and tasks. The results had traditionally been presented and discussed at annual workshops in conjunction with the European Conference for Digital Libraries.

CLEF 2010 represented a radical innovation of the traditional "classic CLEF" format whose main aim was trying to understand how to innovate CLEF while still preserving its traditional core business, namely the benchmarking activities carried out in the various tracks and tasks. CLEF 2010 was thus organised as an independent four-day event consisting of two main parts: a peer-reviewed conference followed by a series of laboratories and workshops. CLEF 2010 was hosted by University of Padua, Italy and was partially supported by the PROMISE project.

PROMISE is an EU FP7 Network of Excellence which aims at advancing the experimental evaluation of complex multimedia and multilingual information systems.

Following the success of the CLEF 2010 new model, CLEF 2011 will be organized in a similar way consisting of an independent conference on a broad range of issues in the fields of multilingual and multimodal information access evaluation, and a set of labs and workshops designed to test different aspects of mono and cross-language Information retrieval systems. Together, the conference and the lab series will maintain and expand upon the traditional CLEF Track philosophy.

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CLEF 2011 will be hosted by the University of Amsterdam The Netherlands, 19-22 September 2011.



The registration desk will be open throughout the conference, on the first floor of Casa 400. Additional opening hours are:
- Sunday 18 September, from 17.00 to 19.00
- Monday 19 September, from 08.00 onwards

Fee waivers

CLEF 2011 receives last-minute sponsorship for student registration fee waivers. Apply (with motivation + proof of stud. status) at clef2011[at]list.uva.nl

Schedule Change

The notifications of acceptance of CLEF 2011 conference paper is postponed to Monday 13

CLEF 2011 Registrations

The CLEF 2011 registrations are now open.


General chairs

Maarten de Rijke
Julio Gonzalo

Program chairs

Jaana Kekäläinen
Mounia Lalmas

Lab chairs

Vivien Petras
Paul Clough

Organization chair

Emanuele Pianta

Resource and Publicity chair

Khalid Choukri

Technical management

Pamela Forner
Giovanni Moretti

Local organizers

Richard Berendsen
Bouke Huurnink
Edgar Meij
Wouter Weerkamp